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Business, Education and Tourism Consultants


BETCON connects students, tourists and business professionals with best available opportunities and help them make an informed choice. We have an in-depth knowledge of visitor markets and a strong track record in developing the connections and businesses.

Our philosophy for success is simple. We aim to serve people to make informed choices by providing them sound and accurate advice, from a practical perspective. The knowledge we provide is based on our experience and partner institutions as well as updates on new developments.


BETCON aims to offer professional advice to students on study abroad prospects, to connect businessmen with potential opportunities and facilitate travelers in making best travel choices.

• To educate prospective students about the available opportunities of a global education and to assist them in selecting the most appropriate course and institution.

• To advise and assist tourists in each stage of the travel process and facilitate in travel arrangements to countries of their interest.

• To connect businessmen with prospective opportunities and markets to help them expand their business.

Business Opportunities

Expand your Business Internationally

Becoming a global company is impressive yet challenging. But if you are all set to go global, we can help you to successfully transform you domestic business to international.

BETCON offer a wide range of services and global business solutions to succeed in international markets including from business establishment to the necessary post business set-up activities. Out business set-up services include business licensing & registration, sourcing office space, visas for you & your employees.

We assist local companies entering or expanding into global markets to China, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

Doing business in China
China is the great economic success story of the past 30 years. By 2030, it is predicted that there will be 221 cities in China with a population of more than 1 million, compared with 35 such cities in Europe today. Whether selling, trading, investing or franchising, China offers opportunities in abundance to UK companies, large or small. It is therefore worth contacting the CBBC to assess the very latest updates and opportunities available across China.

Doing business in Malaysia
Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual society. It’s a relatively open, newly industrialized market economy and is ranked highly in the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ survey. It’s one of the world’s top locations for offshore manufacturing and service based operations. Multinational corporations from more than 40 countries have invested in over 5,000 Malaysian companies.

Doing business in Thailand
Thailand is strategically situated in Southeast Asia. Despite internal political problems, Thailand continues to maintain an open, market-oriented economy, and encourages foreign direct investment. Thailand’s economic growth has created opportunities for foreign companies in electrical power, telecommunications, and renewable energy sectors. There are also opportunities for medical products, automotive accessories, cosmetics, food supplements, outdoor recreation equipment, franchising and educational services.

Doing business in Australia
Australia has one of the strongest, most competitive, open and flexible economies in the world. Australia offers increasingly diverse, multilingual, highly educated and skilled workforce. Australia is a leading financial centre in the Asia Pacific region. Key business centres in Australia include Sydney (New South Wales), Melbourne (Victoria), Brisbane (Queensland) and Perth (Western Australia). The government offers a number of incentives to promote foreign investment in Australia such as AusTrade.

Doing Business in Turkey
Turkey’s growing economy, young workforce and favorable geographical location - bridge between Asia and Europe - make it a hub for access to regional markets in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Istanbul and Ankara are among the biggest cities in the world in terms of GDP. Health is one of the fastest growing sectors in Turkey. Turkey’s demography, growing consumer middle class, solid banking sector, and the dynamism of its entrepreneurial class have made this country a growing market for exporters.

Study Abroad

Why Study abroad?

Studying Abroad Will Change Your Life

Studying abroad is more than just study. The experience gives you the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in the 21st century. By studying abroad, you will experience new perspectives, learn how to adapt to unexpected circumstances, work with diverse peers, and communicate in other languages.

Whether you are a future doctor, engineer, scientist, entrepreneur, innovator, diplomat, journalist or teacher, studying abroad is your best chance to be prepared to lead in your industry, transform into a global citizen and give the best to the world!

Studying abroad offers the chance to learn a new language, get familiar with a different culture, lifestyle, experience education in an entirely new setting and above all, challenge yourself.

Here are few reasons to study abroad

1. Learn a New Language
Studying overseas can help you to develop your existing knowledge of a language, or to learn a new one. Speaking more than one language increases your cognitive abilities such as problem-solving and also increases your chance of success. And there's no better way of learning a language than immersing yourself in another culture.

2. Enhancing Employment Opportunities
To an employer, a student who has studied abroad is self-motivated, independent and willing to embrace challenges. Your experience in a foreign country will all set you apart from the majority of other job applicants.

3. Gain Cultural Understanding
Spending time immersed in a new or different cultural setting will allow you to expand your understanding of its culture beyond the surface-level differences in food, language, and appearances. It may also help you to develop your communication and networking skill set.

4. Personal Development
Taking part in a study abroad opportunity has helped other students to grow and develop as mature individuals in a global world. Confidence and independence has been seen to increase when students are out of there comfort zone and experience different environment.

5. Learn About Yourself
Study abroad helps you to learn about yourself. Students who study abroad return home with new ideas and perspectives about themselves and their own culture. The experience often challenges them to reconsider their own beliefs and values. The encounter with other cultures also enables students to see their own culture through new eyes.

6. Expand Your Horizon
Studying overseas anywhere in the world can provide you with a fresh outlook and can expand your global network giving you access to friends and mentors across the globe. You will look at things from new perspective. A different academic environment could give you a fresh point of view on your own field, revive an existing interest or open up new horizon.

7. Study and Learn Differently
Those who study in a different county experience a completely new way of teaching and learning. This may seem intimidating at first, but it will also open your mind to new ways of learning which will stimulate your mind to think differently too.

8. Increase Your International Job Prospects
At the end of your course as an international student, many choose to stay put and apply for a working visa which is one of the biggest benefits for your career. Even if you return home or decide to seek work elsewhere, the international experience provided by studying abroad is likely to be looked on favorably by employers.

9. Opportunity to Travel and Discover New Places
Studying abroad also means that you get the opportunity to explore and travel during your time abroad. Weekends and academic breaks allow you to venture out and explore your surroundings. Since studying abroad often puts you on a completely different continent, you are much closer to places you might otherwise not have had the opportunity to visit.

10. Gain a Global Mind-set
When you’re hundreds of thousands of miles away from home, you miss you family and friends. But this distance and new country gives you the benefit to learn and experience that would not be possible at home. Whether it’s in work, study or play, you’ll be able to use your new global mind-set to back up arguments, inform your beliefs and steer your future.

Studying abroad indeed is once in a lifetime experience and we hope that you make the best of it!

Travel Abroad

Explore the World & Make New Friends!

From China’s Great Wall to the sun kissed beaches in UAE, from magical Maldives and exotic Turkey, we strive to make your journey timeless. BETCON offers specialized tours and private holidays to suit your every requirement. We cover the vast, multicultural, captivating countries to showcase the continents like never before. At BETCON, we tailor special packages with an emphasis on quality and arrangements at an affordable price. We hope to inspire you with great service to visit these wonderful countries with majestic mountains, crystal clear waters and elegant cities with a rich cultural heritage:

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Steps to Study Abroad

Define your Objectives
Decide what kind of experience you want to have whether it is full-time study, research or internship.

Program Search Determine what kind of courses suit you best or aid you career goals. Make sure the program you chose will benefit you academically.

Determine your Financial Aid Needs
After finding the right course, confirm that you meet the financial requirements of that particular course/degree.

Apply for Program and Scholarships if applicable
Many programs offer full and partial scholarships, but you often have to apply well in advance in order to be eligible for scholarship. So apply and prepare your documents as soon as you can.

Prepare to Depart
After getting admission, pay your admission fee and apply for visa and get the paperwork ready. This is the right time to learn about the culture, weather and food of your destination.

While Abroad
Do your best and get the most of your experience while you are abroad. Also stay safe!

Why choose BETCON?

Deciding to study abroad is only the first stage. But choosing the right program, a university, or a country can be a complex task.
BETCON experts study your profile and personality carefully and advise which institutions and programs will suit you best.

BETCON services cover the following:

  Admission for Students
  Scholarship Recommendations
  Visa Preparation
  Money transfer
  Arrival Details and Info

BETCON has partnership with business companies & universities in over dozen countries in
East Asia, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Middle East.

  • "BETCON connect businessmen with prospective opportunities and markets to help them expand their business abroad."
  • "BETCON educate prospective students about the available opportunities of global education and assist them in selecting the most appropriate courses and institutions abroad."
  • "BETCON advise and assist tourists in each stage of the travel process and facilitate in travel arrangements to countries of their interest."

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